There are different options when it comes to removing water that is on your property. We have installed all of these systems numerous times and have spent the past 8 years mastering this trade. We don’t do this for practice!

Drain Options

Direct Connect- a solid corrugated pipe is directly connected to a downspout from your gutters. This allows us to command the water away from the house. If more than three downspout connections are made on the same run the pipe must be increased from 4 inches to 6 or 8 inches. This will help to handle the volume of water and decease gargling. We will laser shoot this drain to make sure that the water will flow in the proper direction.

Surface drainage/ catch basins

These are designed to be installed in low spots where water accumulates. We have installed thousands of these systems ranging from 4 inches round to 24-inch square. These are perfect for collecting surface water and diverting it away from structures, driveways, and landscaping. These systems allow debris to collect at the bottom of the basin and not in the pipe which can cause clogs. This will be laser shot to ensure proper flow.

French Drains/ Subsurface drain

These are installed to collect ground water as well as surface water. We begin by laser shooting to determine the total amount of fall. Once a benchmark set we then remove the dirt from the trench. Next, a thin layer of 57 stone is placed inside the trench. Weed mat and a 4, 6, or 8-inch perforated sock pipe are placed in the trench. The weed mat is filled with 57 stone then wrapped like a burrito. This drain may be topped off with decorative rock, sand, or sod. We will determine which to use as the scenario dictates.

Sump Pumps and Pit

We utilize a sump pump to move water when gravity cannot. A laser will be used to determine the depths of the field drain so that we can install the sump pit deeper than the drain. Then the pump will be assembled and installed to run when the water level hits a certain benchmark within the pit moving the water to the desired location.

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