Why is my gutter leaking?

A seam may not be sealed all of the way or the gutters may have been installed incorrectly. We can take a look at the problem and offer a solution.

What can be done to keep leaves/debris out of my gutters?

We can install leaf guard to prevent leaves from clogging gutters.

I am having pavers installed and am worried that my downspouts will wash them out. Can this be prevented?

Yes. We can connect the downspouts to a 4 inch corrugated pipe and direct the water away from the pavers.

I have a soggy area in my yard- how can this be fixed?

We will evaluate your yard to determine what type of drain will work best.

I need to add another zone to my irrigation system. Can you install this?

Yes, we can add to existing irrigation, repair broken heads, replace rotors etc.

Is there a warranty on any of your work?

Gutters come with a two-year labour warranty and 30-year aluminium warranty. Drainage jobs come with a 2-year warranty.

During a drain job how can we prevent pipes/cables/wires from being cut?

Before we begin a drain job 811 will be called so that the underground utilities can be located and marked. *if there is a secondary line, such as one going to a pool house, 811 will not mark that. We will take all steps available to avoid breaking lines. We will repair any irrigation lines that are broken in the process of installing the drain.

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