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We have a new home that only came with gutters on the front side of the house. We did not think gutters would be such an urgent addition needed to our home, until we saw what was happening to our back yard. We started to notice our patio slab showing mold after every rain. We also started to notice the run off from the roof was eroding the soil around the edge our our patio slab and washing out to our backyard fence. With heavy rain, we would notice flooding towards the back of our property line against the fence. If we had just purchased gutters, like we thought we needed, that would have solved the patio issues. Buster recommended we also get French drains to help with the run off and the flooding in the yard. Since everything was installed, we have enjoyed looking outside and not seeing any issues with run off or drainage during and after a heavy rai . Highly recommend River City Gutters and Drainage to anyone with gutter and/or drainage needs. Very professional company and the quality of the work done is greater than we could have imagined. So happy with the whole process and who we chose to take care of our new home.

Brenden C.

I was extremely pleased with the service provided by River City Gutter and Drainage. Buster is a great guy to work with and brought a never-ending positive attitude to the projects he completed for me. Not only did the irrigation and drainage jobs fit my needs and have the lasting impact I needed, but he has constantly checked back up to ensure that everything is still working properly and that I was still satisfied with his work. I would recommend River City for anyone looking to work with trustworthy and professional company that will get whatever job you need done and done right.

Pete J.

We were so pleased with the gutters that were installed by Buster and his crew. The quality of the gutters, colour match, and installation were very impressive. The efficiency and professionalism were top rates. The job was completed in a single day! We’ve already recommended River City Gutters and Drainage to many of our neighbours.

Traci C.

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